A look back at Athletics in Donegal 1970...

With so many athletic events falling being cancelled or at best deferred, and all of the clubs organising virtual events for their members, I am going to look back at some of the events that were held in 1970, the first full year of the County Board.

The board organised County Senior, Junior and Novice Cross-Country Championships, County Senior Track and Field Championships, and County Ten Mile road championships and a cross-country and track and field leagues. No formal County Junior Track and Field Championships were held but various events were farmed out and held with the various open sports around the county.

The first event held was the County Senior Cross-Country Championships which was held in Holy Cross College Falcarragh, hosted by Holy Cross AC, on Saturday February 7th and attracted athletes from all over the County. The excellent course was laid out by Mr Tom Francis club secretary of Holy Cross AC which was affiliated to Donegal County Board as a juvenile athletics club. Athletes from Cranford, Killybegs, Lifford, Glenties, Raphoe and Holy Cross took part.

Neily Mc Daid Cranford was a comfortable winner of the senior Men’s race with Malcolm Mc Causland of Lifford taking silver after a great battle with newcomer Michael Crampsie St Patrick’s Youth Club, Letterkenny. Cranford was first team with an ever improving Killybegs squad in second and a young Glenties team in third. 

The senior lady’s race was won by Lily Quinn of Lifford from team-mate Louise Mc Gettigan who just held off the challenge of Anne Marie Mc Guinness of Killybegs who led her team to the silver medals.

Top Ten Senior Men 1. Neily Mc Daid, Cranford, 2. Malcolm Mc Causland, Lifford, 3. Michael Crampsie, St Patrick’s YC, 4. Michael Gallagher, Killybegs, 5. Jim Hynes, Cranford, 6. Thomas Mc Brearty, Killybegs, 7. P. J. O’ Carlin, Cranford, 8. Michael Hegarty, Killybegs, 9. Patsy Mc Gonagle, Cranford, 10. Bernie O’Callaghan, Killybegs.

Teams 1. Cranford (Neily Mc Daid, Jim Hynes, P.J O’ Carlin, Patsy Mc   Gonagle), 22 pts, 2. Killybegs (Michael Gallagher, Thomas Mc Brearty, Michael Hegarty, Bernie O’Callaghan) 28 pts, 3. Glenties (Bernie Quinn, Neily Byrne, Pat Mc Gill, Michael O’Donnell). 64 pts Lifford (incomplete)

Top Ten Senior Ladies 1. Lily Quinn, Lifford, 2. Louise Mc Gettigan, Lifford, 3. Anne Marie Mc Guinness, Killybegs, 4. Jacqueline Brennan, Lifford, 5. Mairead Mc Guinness, Killybegs, 6. Christine Gallagher, Killybegs, 7. Nan Gallagher, Killybegs, 8. Claire Kelly, Lifford, 9. Deirdre Ward, Glenties, 10. Brid O’ Donnell, Glenties

Teams 1. Lifford (Lily Quinn, Louise Mc Gettigan, Jacqueline Brennan, Claire Kelly) 15 pts, 2. Killybegs (Anne Marie Mc Guinness, Mairead Mc Guinness, Christine Gallagher, Nan Gallagher) 21 pts, 3. Glenties (Deirdre Ward, Brid O’Donnell, Anne Langan, Teresa O’ Donnell) 42 pts

Donegal Athletics 1970 1

Donegal Athletics 1970 2

Donegal Athletics 1970 Group 3

Donegal Athletics 1970 Group 4



Men 1. Neily Mc Daid Cranford, 2. Michael Crampsie Cranford, 3. Patsy Mc Gonagle, Cranford, 4. Thomas Mc Brearty Killybegs, 5. Robin Rodgers Killybegs, 6. Sean Boyle Lifford, 7. Brian Keeney Glenties, 8. Bernie O’Callaghan Killybegs, 9. Bernie Quinn Glenties, 10. Neily Byrne Glenties. Teams 1. Killybegs (Thomas Mc Brearty, Robin Rogers, Bernie O’Callaghan, Michael Gallagher) 29 pts, 2. Glenties (Brian Keeney, Bernie Quinn, Neily Byrne, Pat Boyle) 37 pts. Cranford and Lifford incomplete


Donegal Athletics 1970 Group 5



100m 1. Joe Mc Grath, Glenties, 2. Gerard Crawford, Lifford, 3. Bernie O’ Callaghan, Killybegs. 200m 1. Joe Mc Grath, Glenties, 2. Bernie O’ Callaghan, Killybegs, 3. Gerard Crawford.  400m 1. Joe Mc Grath, Glenties, 2. Joe Mc Ateer, Cranford, 3. Joe Langan, Cranford. 800m 1. Malcolm Mc Causland, Cranford, 2. Frank Shannon, Cranford, 3. John Friel, Holy Cross. 1,500m 1. Kieran Mc Ateer, Cranford, 2. Michael Crampsie, Cranford, 3. Michael Gallagher, Killybegs. 5,000m 1. Kieran Mc Ateer, Cranford, 2. Michael Crampsie, Cranford, 3. Christy Kearns, Lifford.   


U/11 Girls   Louise Mc Donald, Lifford 2. Bridget Gallagher, Killybegs 3. Aileen Mc Namee, Lifford 4. Christine Gallagher, Killybegs 5. Teresa Quinn, Glenties 6. Teresa O’Donnell, Glenties. Teams 1. Lifford 2. Glenties 3. Killybegs.

U/11 Boys Brian Mc Bride, Cranford, 2. Kevin Gavaghan, Cranford, 3. Michael Coyne, Lifford, 4. Michael Gallagher, Glenties, 5. Donal Reid, Lifford 6. Cathal O’ Boyle, Killybegs. Teams 1. Glenties 2. Lifford 3. Killybegs.

U/13 Boys 1. Gabriel Boland, Lifford 2.Daniel Ward, Glenties 3. Michael Mc Namee, Lifford 4. Michael Gallagher Glenties 5. Eugene Mc Guinness, Killybegs. Teams 1. Glenties, 2. Cranford, 3. Killybegs.

U/15 Boys 1. John Giles, Cranford, 2. Josie Furey Glenties, 3. Cathal Byrne, Glenties, 4. D. Boyle, Lifford, 5. Noel Mc Bride, Cranford, 6. Eunan Gallagher, Glenties. Teams 1. Glenties, 2. Cranford, 3. Killybegs.

U/17 Boys 1. Michael Carr Holy Cross, 2. John Friel Holy Cross, 3. Patsy Gallagher, Glenties 4. Hugh Colhoun Holy Cross, 5. Michael Haughey, Glenties, 6. Brian Keeney, Glenties. Teams 1. Holy Cross, 2. Glenties, 3. Cranford.

Senior Girls 1. Lily Quinn, Lifford, 2. Mairead Mc Guinness, Killybegs, 3. Claire Kelly, Lifford, 4. Anne Marie Mc Guinness, Killybegs, 5. Jacqueline Brennan, Lifford, 6. Louise Mc Gettigan, Lifford. Teams 1. Lifford, 2. Killybegs, 3. Glenties.

Senior Men Neily Mc Daid, Cranford, 2. Patsy Mc Gonagle, Cranford, 3. Thomas Mc Brearty, Killybegs, 4. Michael Gallagher, Killybegs, 5. Myles Gallagher, Cranford, 6. Malcolm Mc Causland, Unattached. Teams 1. Cranford, 2. Killybegs, 3. Lifford


Best Overall Club 1. Lifford 123 pts, 2. Cranford 99 pts, 3. Killybegs 61 pts, 4. Holy Cross 23 pts. 5. Glenties 22 pts. Best Girls Club 1. Lifford 54 pts, 2. Glenties 30 pts, 3. Killybegs 19 pts, 4. Cranford 18 pts.


Cranford retained their county novice title by a narrow three points from the ever improving Killybegs quartet. Thomas Mc Brearty finished in second place between the winner John Gallagher and Joe Boyce in third. The Britton Perpetual Cup, presented by Britton’s Jewellers Donegal Town was awarded to the individual winner.      

Men 1. John Gallagher, Cranford, 2. Thomas Mc Brearty, Killybegs, 3. Joe Boyce, Cranford, 4. Michael Gallagher, Killybegs, 5. Michael Hegarty, Killybegs, 6. Charlie Mc Ginley, Cranford, 7. Paul Gallagher, Cranford, 8. Christy Kearns, Lifford, 9. Bernie O’ Callaghan, Killybegs, 10. Sean Boyle, Lifford. Teams 1. Cranford (John Gallagher, Joe Boyce, Charlie Mc Ginley, Paul Gallagher) 17 pts, 2. Killybegs (Thomas Mc Brearty, Michael Gallagher, Michael Hegarty, Bernie O’ Callaghan) 20 pts, 3. Lifford 42 pts.

Women 1. Louise Mc Gettigan, Lifford, 2. Lily Quinn, Lifford, 3. Jacqueline Brennan, Lifford, 4. Claire Kelly, Lifford, 5. Anne Marie Mc Guinness, Killybegs, 6. Grace Boyce, Cranford, 7. Mairead Mc Guinness, Killybegs, 8. Christine Gallagher, Killybegs, 9. Nan Gallagher, Killybegs. Teams 1. Lifford (Louise Mc Gettigan, Lily Quinn, Jacqueline Brennan, Claire Kelly) 10 pts, 2. Killybegs (Anne Marie Mc Guinness, Mairead Mc Guinness, Christine Gallagher, Nan Gallagher) 29 pts, 3. Glenties 50pts.


Men 1. Joe Boyce, Cranford, 2. John Gallagher, Cranford, 3. Michael Gallagher, Killybegs, 4. Myles Gallagher, Cranford, 5. Thomas Mc Brearty, Killybegs, 6. Sean Doherty, Cranford. Teams 1. Cranford ‘A’ (Joe Boyce, John Gallagher, Myles Gallagher, Sean Doherty) 13 pts, 2. Killybegs (Michael Gallagher, Thomas Mc Brearty, Michael Hegarty, Bernie O’Callaghan) 35 pts, 3. Cranford ‘B’ (names not available).


Men 1. Joe Boyce, Cranford, 2. John Gallagher, Cranford, 3. Michael Gallagher, Killybegs, 4. Myles Gallagher, Cranford, 5. Thomas Mc Brearty, Killybegs, 6. Sean Doherty, Cranford. Teams 1. Cranford ‘A’ (Joe Boyce, John Gallagher, Myles Gallagher, Sean Doherty) 13 pts, 2. Killybegs (Michael Gallagher, Thomas Mc Brearty, Michael Hegarty, Bernie O’Callaghan) 35 pts, 3. Cranford ‘B’ (names not available).

 Women 1. Moira O’ Boyle Glenties, 2. Lily Quinn, Lifford, 3. Claire Kelly, Lifford. Teams 1.   Lifford (Lily Quinn, Claire Kelly, Jacqueline Brennan, Louise Mc Gettigan) 24 pts, 2. Killybegs (Anne Marie Mc Guinness, Mairead Mc Guinness, Christine Gallagher, Nan Gallagher) 36 pts, 3. 3. Glenties (Moira O’Boyle, Marian Mc Gill, Brid O’Donnell, Bridgeen Houston) 40 pts



1. Cyril O’Boyle, Cranford, 2. Patsy Mc Gonagle, Cranford, 3. Christy Kearns, Lifford.

U/11 Boys 1. Michael Coyne Lifford, 2. Brian Mc Bride, Cranford, 3.Kevin Gavaghan, Cranford. Teams 1. Cranford (2, 3, 4, 9) 18 pts, 2. Glenties (6, 7, 8, 10) 31 pts. U/11Girls 1. Teresa Quinn Lifford, 2. Rose Gavaghan Cranford, 3. Teresa O’ Donnell, Glenties. Teams 1. Lifford (1, 4, 5, 11) 21 pts, 2. Glenties (3, 6, 7, 8) 24 pts. U/13 Boys 1. Gabriel Boland, Lifford, 2. Daniel Ward, Glenties, 3. Jimmy Mc Glynn Glenties. Teams 1. Glenties (2, 3, 5, 8) 18 pts, 2. Lifford (1, 4, 9, 11) 25 pts. U/15 Boys 1. John Giles Cranford, 2. Noel Mc Bride, Cranford, 3. Eunan Gallagher, Glenties. Teams 1. Cranford (1, 2, 5, 11) 19 pts, 2. Glenties (3, 4, 7, 9) 23 pts. U/17 Boys 1. Patsy Gallagher, Glenties, 2. Brian Keeney, Glenties, 3. Neil Martin, Glenties. Teams 1. Glenties

The progress of Donegal Athletics did not go un-noticed and the following is an extract from a report from Ulster Council PRO Tom Mc Kinney, Armagh in Marathon Magazine of November 1970.

 “What an example Donegal is to the rest of Ulster. Eight years ago they didn’t even have an athletic club. In Ulster the legend of the Cranford Club is well known, how they started on the shores of Mulroy Bay and how within a few short seasons they swept through Ulster producing three Irish Internationals in Danny Mc Daid, Paddy Marley and Hugo Duggan along the way.

Cranford lit the flame by their achievements and this season five clubs have already completed a five round cross-country league catering for all ages from under 11 to Senior for both males and females. They have a fine series of road races at festivals like Killybegs, Glenties, Dungloe and Letterkenny. Athletics has clearly arrived in Donegal and I know that they have their eyes on many Ulster titles this season and maybe a few more All Irelands. From Cranford in the North to the lonely roads of Glenties and the strands at Killybegs in the West the athlete in training has become a familiar sight.”  

Three athletes from the county won medals at the BLE senior track and field championships Hugo Duggan won the Long Jump, Danny Mc Daid, won the National Marathon and was second in the 10,000m and Neil Sweeney was third in the Triple Jump. We had four athletes selected for the Ireland V Canada International in Santry with County Chairman P.J.O’ Carlin selected the 800m and 4 x 400m relay, Hugo Duggan in the Long Jump Neil Sweeney in the Triple Jump and Danny Mc Daid in the 10,000m. Danny and Hugo were members of Clonliffe and Neil Sweeney competed for UCD at the time.

 Danny had a magnificent season winning the National Marathon for the first time and also winning the BLE 2 mile championship, he won silver in the BLE 15 mile championship and was a member of the winning Dublin team in the inter-counties cross-country, and was also a member of the winning Clonliffe Harriers team in the 15 mile.


“History was made last Sunday when the newly formed Athletics County Board held their first County Senior Championships in Mc Devitt Park Fintra, hosted by Killybegs Athletic Club. The weather was ideal for the occasion and the very big crowd were treated to an excellent afternoon of sport. The spectators were dotted with familiar faces and the first one I spoke to was well known sportsman Comdt. Patsy Mc Gonagle, who played soccer for Ireland at the London Olympics in 1948 but is now better known as a golfer. Comdt. Mc Gonagle is a native of Ballyliffen and he told me that his son Patsy runs for Cranford and is secretary of the new Board.

Jack Sweeney was one of the best high jumpers in the country in the 1940’s and is now one of the top athletics coaches in the country, he coached many outstanding athletes most notably Olympic 1,500m champion Ronnie Delaney,  International High Jumper Brendan O’ Reilly and international high hurdler Eamon Kinsella. Eamon finished fourth in the 1960 Rome Olympics in the 110m Hurdles Final. Jack was there and he told me that he had travelled from his home in Dublin to support the growth of athletics in his home county. Jack a native of Killybegs teaches maths in CUS, Leeson Street and coaches in UCD athletic Club and he told me that two of the athletes competing Neil Sweeney from Dungloe and Bernie O’ Callaghan from Killybegs had been members of UCD Athletic club for the last four years. Bernie who is also well known as a member of Killybegs GAA Club was one of the stars for Killybegs in their historic win over Ballyshannon in the County Senior Hurling semi-final last Sunday. Jack said that it was particularly pleasing for him to see that Killybegs had chosen sky blue singlets as sky blue is also the colours of the UCD athletic club.

I also met with Ulster Sports Council Secretary Gerry Mc Donnell from Strabane who said that he was very pleased to see the growth of athletic clubs in Donegal. He said that many great athletes from Donegal had competed with Strabane Athletic Club down the years and he mentioned John Gallagher from Cruit Island who won the NACA shot putt Championship in 1949, and Cyril O’ Boyle from Glenswilly who was one of the top cross country and middle distance athletes in the country in the early fifties who won the NACA Senior Cross-Country Championship in 1952.

Gerry was accompanied by Ulster Council Treasurer Jim Vallely from Armagh himself a former All Ireland champion at the Pole Vault. Another Armagh man Ulster PRO Tommy Mc Kinney was also among the crowd and he told me that the growth of Athletics in Donegal can only be good for the sport in the Province and indeed in the Country as a whole, and he paid tribute to Eamon Giles and the Cranford athletic Club who he said had carried the flag for Donegal athletics with distinction since 1961.

The big programme ran like clockwork thanks to the meeting director local Primary teacher Dermot O’ Callaghan, a member of Killybegs Athletic Club, and the club also supplied all the officials on the day. A beautiful Trophy sponsored by Britton Jewellers Donegal Town was awarded for the Victor Ludorum, literally the winner of games, to the best athlete of the meeting and this was won by county Chairman John Carlin from Raphoe a member of Cranford athletic Club who recorded three magnificent wins in the 400m, 800m and 1,500m.

The Lifford Club dominated the lady’s events with wins for Louise Mc Gettigan, Lily Quinn and Brenda Gamble.

At the end of the meeting the President of the Ulster Sports Council Fr John O’ Donnell, himself a native of Cashleenour, Kilmacrennan, who teaches science in Cootehill Comprehensive School in County Cavan, presented the medals and congratulated the County Board and the Killybegs club on a really excellent Championships and he said that any Ulster athlete who had ambitions to win Ulster Senior titles would have to look to his laurels because in his opinion Donegal Athletes would be on the rostrum in every event in Ulster next season.”

RESULTS MEN 100m 1. Eamon Giles Cranford, 2. Joe Mc Grath Cranford, 3. Neil Sweeney, Lifford. 200m 1. Eamon Giles Cranford, 2. Joe Mc Grath Cranford, 3. Eugene Fox, Killybegs. 400m 1. P. J. O’ Carlin Cranford, 2. Eugene Fox Killybegs, 3. Eamon Giles, Cranford. 800m 1. P. J. O’ Carlin Cranford, 2. Sean Mc Bride, Cranford, 3. Malcolm Mc Causland, Cranford.  1,500m 1. P.J. O’ Carlin, Cranford, 2. Sean Mc Bride, Cranford, 3. John Doherty, St Patrick’s Youth Club Letterkenny.  5,000m 1 Neily Mc Daid, Cranford, 2. Christy Kearns, Lifford, 3. Thomas Mc Brearty, Killybegs. 10,000m 1. Neily Mc Daid, Cranford, 2. Michael Crampsie, Cranford, 3. Thomas Mc Brearty, Killybegs.  Long Jump 1 Neil Sweeney, Lifford, 2. Eamon Giles, Cranford, 3. John Mc Hale, Bundoran. High Jump 1. Neil Sweeney, Lifford, 2. Eugene Fox, Killybegs, 3. Connie Cunningham, Killybegs.  Shot 1. Joe Joyce, Cranford, 2. Jim Ward, Cranford, 3. Bernie O’ Callaghan, Killybegs. Discus 1 Joe Joyce, Cranford, 2. Neil Sweeney, Lifford, 3. Ben O’ Donnell, Lifford. Javelin 1. Bernie O’Callaghan, Killybegs, 2. Ben O’Donnell, Lifford, 3. Neily Byrne, Glenties.  Medley Relay Cranford A (Eamon Giles, Joe Mc Grath, John Carlin, Patsy Mc Gonagle), Cranford B (Paul Giles, Malcolm Mc Causland, Neily Mc Daid, Sean Mc Bride) 3. Lifford (Christy Kearns, Neil Sweeney, Sean Boyle, Sean Kelly)


WOMEN 100m 1. Louise Mc Gettigan, Lifford, 2. Brenda Gamble, Lifford, 3. Lily Quinn, Lifford. 800m 1. Lily Quinn, Lifford, 2. Jacqueline Brennan, Lifford, 3. Teresa Quinn, Lifford. Long Jump 1. Brenda Gamble, Lifford, 2. Louise Mc Gettigan, Lifford, 3. Jacqueline Brennan, Lifford.

Donegal Athletics Group 5


Donegal Athletics 1970 Group 7

I see that the county Competitions Committee have issued their fixture list for 2021 and of course this will be subject to change as it is firstly dependant on the lockdown at least being eased and when it is eased sufficiently to allow competition there will be a rush by provincial councils and AAI to get as much competition in as possible. One thing that we can say for definite is that the AAI Senior Cross-Country Championships have unfortunately been cancelled. They were originally fixed for the last Sunday in November and then for late March but the event is now definitely cancelled, and the priority is now to get some cross-country competition for Juveniles, it appears that the cross-country season has been extended until the end of May so we can expect an avalanche of cross-country fixtures in May with resultant disruption in the county fixtures. It is hoped that a full National juvenile track and field programme will take place in the last three week-ends in August with six days of competition.  The draft County fixture list is as follows:-

April 10/11 County Novice and Juvenile Cross-Country for 2020

April 17 Day One of Triangular Track and Field League

April 18 Day Two of Triangular Track and Field League

April 24 County Masters and Juvenile Cross-Country 2020

April 25 Day 3 of Triangular Track and Field League

May 1 County Senior Cross-Country and Juvenile Cross-Country League

May 8/9 County Senior Track and Field Championships

June 5/6 County Juvenile and Track Relay championships

June 12/13 County Children’s Games

July 17 County Combined Events (U/14 to Masters)

July 18 County Masters Track and Field Championships

It has also been decided that the County Road Relays and County 5km Championships will take place on dates in September. The 2021 Cross-Country Championships are pencilled in for October as usual and the County Senior and Juvenile Cross-Country Relays are fixed for November.

The AAI Congress which should have taken place in Jacksons Hotel, Ballybofey on April 25 last year has now been re-fixed for Saturday April 24th this year with and a decision was taken at a recent EGM that if the lockdown situation will not allow it to take place in person that the Congress would be held virtually on the Zoom Platform and that voting would be held by postal ballot.

The Ulster Athletic Council met last Monday by Zoom and final arrangements were made for the Annual General Meeting which takes place on March 8th also by Zoom. Officers Reports, Nominations and Motions closed on Monday February 15th. List of club delegates must reach the secretary M the AGM Martin O’ Donnell before February 26th. These nominations must be accompanied by the delegate’s registration number as the Constitution stipulates that only registered members of affiliated athletic clubs are entitled to attend

Athletics Ireland have announced that and national senior Indoor Micro Meet will take place in Abbotstown this weekend on February 20/21. This will be exclusively for carded athletes who have realistic hopes of qualifying for The European Indoor Championships or Olympic Games the Europeans are due take placed in Torun Poland from March 5th to the 7th. A number of Donegal Athletes are expected to take part in this Micro Meet, including Mark English, John Kelly Sommer Lecky and Brendan Boyce and we wish them every success in this meeting and for the rest of the season. The Olympics of course are due to start in July but local opposition and covid cases are growing, I saw a figure last week that stated that over 80 percent of the Japanese population are opposed to the Games going ahead, so it is difficult to see how they can take place, in spite of the re-assuring noises from the International Olympic Committee. If they don’t go ahead it will be sad for so many top class athletes who have put their life on hold for the last five years for the chance to compete at the Olympics.

Athletics Ireland have issued details of a new juvenile competition which they call a “6 week in- house club league” which started last weekend.  This is how it works.

1. Each club will select teams from their members, so if a club has 100 members they select 10 team of 10 athletes.  

2. A club coach will be appointed to mentor each team

3. The results will be recorded and published on the clubs social media page.

The events are

 WEEK ONE 200m         WEEK TWO 400m                  WEEK THREE Speed Bounce

WEEK FOUR 100m        WEEK FIVE Stepper for 30 seconds   WEEK SIX 300m.

A new committee was elected at the very well attended AGM of Rosses AC, which of course was held on the Zoom platform. Long serving Chairman Aidan Gillespie stood down from the position to concentrate on his coaching duties, his own athletics career and his responsibilities at work, it is difficult to juggle everything and we wish him every success in this new phase.

Aidan is the joint record holder of the greatest number of County Senior Long Jump titles with the late Hugo Duggan Both have won the title eleven times. He is succeeded in the Chair by Michael Mc Elroy. The club reported significant developments both on and off the track and they are particularly excited about developments at the track in Carrickfin where new permanent lights have been installed. The new committee is  

Chairman Michael Mc Ilroy                              Vice Chairman Cormac Mc Garvey

Secretary Rosaleen Mc Garvey                        Treasurer Hugh Mc Loughlin

Children’s Officer Cathriona Brennan            Registrar/Development Officer Michael Logue

PRO Ben Mc Gonagle                                         County Board Delegate Sinead Diver.

If any reader wants to keep up with developments in the club they can get up to the minute info on Rosses Athletic Club Facebook page.

Killybegs AC also held their AGM recently by Zoom and the following committee were elected

Chairman Seamus Gillespie                                  Secretary Michael Gallagher

Treasurer Al Haughey                                            Children’s Officer Brenda Healy

Club Captain David Conwell                                  Co Board Delegate Brenda Healy

Committee Dermot ‘Slua’ Boyle, Val Smith, Shane Molloy, Antoine O’ Hara, Ciara Cunningham, Lisa Mc Crudden, Lisa Campas.

The Chairman thanked members for their attendance and said that Killybegs AC were embarking on an exciting new venture and he said that he looked forward to the new season when the Covid restrictions would be lifted. He said that twenty five members had been registered with AAI and he thanked Bernie O’ Callaghan for assisting the Secretary with the on line registration process.  The Facebook page is Killybegs Athletic Club facebook.

                                                             SIGN OF THE TIMES

Pat OCallaghan


A friend in Cork sent me this photo of the statue of double Olympic Champion Dr Pat O’ Callaghan in Banteer Co Cork complete with mask.

I hope that you enjoyed our stroll down the memory lane and we at the county board want to wish all the young athletes every success in their challenges this week and we will bring you the results of these in the coming weeks so until then stay safe and stay well



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