Others were of more immediate concern to the ordinary athlete up and down the country. A new date of October 1st was added for anyone transferring to a University/ Third Level club, the existing dates of April 1 and September 1 will remain for all other transfers. 

A motion that any club or county board hosting a National cross-country championship will receive €2,000 over and above all vouched expenses was passed.

A Cork motion that National cross-country Championships should rotate between the provinces was passed with the addition of the words where possible.

A Louth motion was passed that U/17 Boys who are allowed to throw the 800 grm Javelin in junior competition also be allowed to throw the 800 grm in senior competition, this brings the regulation for male javelin throwers in line with the regulations for female javelin throwers.

There were several motions relating to the National Marathon championship and it was agreed that the new competition committee should meet with the organisers of the Dublin Marathon to iron out problems relating to closing dates etc.

A Tipperary motion relating to the National League was also referred to the Competition Committee.

A motion from the board that 4 x 200m relay events be introduced for men and women in the Junior and U/23 indoor championships was also passed.

A motion from the Board to discontinue the Juvenile cross-country relays was withdrawn in favour of a Connaught motion which called for the event to be given greater prominence, held in September /October over increased distances. The Juvenile Committee are to agree a new format for the event.

A Leinster motion to introduce 400m for U/17 athletes in the indoor Championships was carried.

A Donegal/ Ulster motion to introduce a 10km race walking championship for masters at all ages was supported by the Competition Committee and carried

A number of new events for Master’s championships will be introduced in 2022 season these include High Hurdles, Long Hurdles, 2,000m Steeplechase, Tripe Jump, Pole Vault and heavy Hammer. They will initially be available for Master’s up to 59 years of age. The upper age will increase by five years each year thereafter. All of these events are subject to health and safety checks and each athlete must be competent to take part.



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