County Juvenile Track and Field Championships


This last week saw the last two rounds of the County Juvenile Track and Field Championships with the U/9 and U/10 Championships in Finn Valley on Wednesday evening and the U/12 and U/13 Championships in Lifford on Sunday and attention now turns to the Ulster Championships. The first Ulster event of the year takes place on Saturday and Sunday in the Mary Peters Track in Belfast and caters for the U/14 to U/20 boys and girls, while the second round is in Templemore track in Derry on Sunday week and caters for the U/9 to U/13’s.

Two athletes had double victories in Finn Valley in the U/9 category, Alison Mbulli Finn Valley won the U/9 Girls 60m and Turbo Javelin while Calum Mc Shane won the U/9 Boys  Long Jump and Turbo.

U/9 Girls 60m                                                                                       U/9 Boys 60m

1. Allison Mbulli, Finn Valley                                                              1. Matthew Mc Beth, Lifford Strabane

2. Hannah Carty, Olympian                                                                 2. Cian Mc Monagle, Killybegs

3. Rhia Toner, Finn Valley                                                                    3. Callum Mc Shane, Tír Chonaill

U/9 Girls 300m                                                                                      U/9 Boys 300m

1. Rhia Toner, Finn Valley                                                                   1. Faolan Caldwell, Cranford  

2 Anne Duffy, Finn Valley                                                                    2. Callum Mc Shane, Tír Chonaill

3. Tamara Parker, Rosses                                                                    3. Shea Irwin, Finn Valley

U/9 Girls Turbo Javelin                                                                        U/9 Boys Turbo Javelin

1. Allison Mbulli, Finn Valley                                                               1. Callum Mc Shane, Tír Chonaill

2. Cara Campbell, Olympian                                                                2. Jamie Galvin, Finn Valley

3. Charley Mc Gee, Letterkenny                                                         3. Jack O’ Sullivan, Killybegs                                                                        

U/9 Girls Long Jump                                                                              U/9 Boys Long Jump

1. Rosie Breslin, Rosses                                                                        1. Callum Mc Shan e, Tír Chonaill

2. Rosha Boyle, Rosses                                                                         2. Faolán Caldwell, Cranford

3. Katelyn O’ Donnell, Rosses                                                              3. Odhran Gallagher, Finn Valley

U/9 Girls Relay                                                                                        U/9 Boys Relay

1. Finn Valley                                                                                           1. Rosses

2. Olympian                                                                                             2. Killybegs

3. Rosses                                                                                                   3. Cranford

U/10 Girls 60m                                                                                         U/10 Boys 60m

1. Orla Maguire, Tír Chonaill                                                                 1. Oliver Maguire, Finn Valley

2. Jasmin Barrett Doherty, Finn Valley                                                2. Darragh Duffy, Letterkenny

3. Maria Sweeney, Tír Chonaill                                                             3. Ethan Sullivan, Letterkenny

U/10 Girls 500m                                                                                      U/10 Boys 500m

1. Caoimhe Mc Elhinney, Finn Valley                                                   1. Daniel Mc Glynn, Letterkenny

2. Orla Maguire, Tír Chonaill                                                                  2. Oliver Maguire, Finn Valley

3. Jasmin Barrett Doherty, Finn Valley                                                 3. Darragh Mc Guirk, Letterkenny

U/10 Girls Turbo Javelin                                                                          U/10 Boys Turbo Javelin

1. Eimear Burns, Finn Valley                                                                     1. Kaolan Mc Glynn, Finn Valley

2. Emily Mc Hugh, Finn Valley                                                                2. Shay Cassidy, Tír Chonaill

3. Aaliyah Gallagher Canavan, Finn Valley                                           3. John Brennan, Rosses

U/10 Girls Long Jump                                                                               U/10 Boys Long Jump

1. Zuzia Michalkiewicz, Olympian                                                          1. Darragh Duffy, Letterkenny

2. Abaigh Lyons, Finn Valley                                                                    2. James Davidson, Letterkenny

3. Caoimhe Mc Elhinney, Finn Valley                                                    3. Ethan Sullivan, Letterkenny

U/10 Girls Relay                                                                                         U/10 Boys Relay

1. Finn Valley                                                                                              1. Letterkenny

2. Rosses                                                                                                     2. Finn Valley

3. Tír Chonaill                                                                                             3. Rosses

Lifford was the venue on Sunday for the U/12 and U/13 Championships as well as a number of the throwing events that could not be held in Letterkenny last week due to a lack of a cage for the throws but thankfully plans are well advanced to upgrade the Letterkenny Track later this year. Alannah Anderson, Tír Chonaill won the U/14 Girls Discus, Caoimhe Gallen, Lifford Strabane had a double in the U/15 hammer and Discus, while her club mate Muireann Mc Bride was second in the U/15 Hammer and Luke Ward, Tír Chonaill won the U/16 Boys Hammer. Oisin Gillespie Rosses was the outstanding athlete on view on Sunday with three titles in the U/13 Hurdles, Long Jump and High Jump while Kaela Russell, Lifford Strabane had a double in the U/13 80m and Long Jump. Jerry Coyle, Cranford, won the U/12 60m and Long Jump while Niamh Mc Glinchey won the U/12 Long Jump and High Jump.


Caoimhe Gallen                                                                                 Muireann Mc bride    

U/12 Girls 60m                                                                                          U/12 Boys 60m

1. Charley Barr, Olympian                                                                        1. Jerry Coyle, Cranford

2. Niamh Doogan, Rosses                                                                         2. Jack O’ Connell, Letterkenny

3. Ruby Mc Gee, Rosses                                                                            3. Jack Byrne, Finn Valley

U/12 Girls 600m                                                                                         U/12 Boys 600m

1. Ruby Mc Gee, Rosses                                                                           1. Jack Byrne, Finn Valley  

2. Niamh Mc Glinchey, Finn Valley                                                        2. Jack Mc Elroy Rosses

3. Charley Barr, Olympian                                                                       3. Joshua O’ Donnell, Finn Valley

U/12 Girls Long Jump                                                                               U/12 Boys Long Jump

1. Niamh Mc Glinchey, Finn Valley                                                       1. Jerry Coyle, Cranford

2. Kathryn Davidson, Letterkenny                                                        2. Jack O’ Connell, Letterkenny

3. Ruby Mc Gee, Rosses                                                                         3. Joseph Amarai, Finn Valley

U/12 Girls High Jump                                                                              U/12 Boys High Jump

1. Niamh Mc Glinchey, Finn Valley                                                       1. Mark Alexander, Finn Valley

2. Aoibhinn Mc Elhinney, Finn Valley                                                   2. Michael Logue, Rosses

3. Kathryn Davidson, Letterkenny                                                         3. Daire O’ Donnell, Tír Chonaill

U/12 Girls Turbo Javelin                                                                          U/12 Boys Turbo Javelin

1. Maeve Mc Geehin, Olympian                                                           1. Aaron Perry, Tír Chonaill

2. Cathriona Dewhirst, Tír Chonill                                                        2. Daire O’ Donnell, Tír Chonaill

3. Kathryn Davidson, Letterkenny                                                        3. Joseph Amarai, Finn Valley

U/12 Girls Shot                                                                                       U/12 Boys Shot

1. Cathriona Dewhirst, Tír Chonaill                                                      1. Jacob Mc Hugh, Tír Chonaill

2. Emily Melly, Tír Chonaill                                                                    2. Daniel Curran, Killybegs

3. Grace Mc Glynn, Letterkenny                                                           3. Michael Logue, Rosses


Medal winners in the Boys U/12  shot on Sunday Jacob Mc Hugh, Tír Chonaill, Daniel Curran, Killybegs and Michael Logue, Rosses.

U/12 Girls Relay                                                                                        U/12 Boys Relay

1. Finn Valley                                                                                             1. Rosses

2. Rosses                                                                                                    2. Olympian

3. Letterkenny                                                                                           3. Tír Chonaill

U/13 Girls 60m Hurdles                                                                          U/13 Boys Hurdles

1. Leona Slevin, Finn Valley                                                                    1. Oisin Gillespie, Rosses

2. Maeve Doherty, Letterkenny                                                             2. Daire Herron, Finn Valley

3. Anya Duffy, Letterkenny                                                                     3. Oisin Mullen, Finn Valley

U/13 Girls 80m                                                                                         U/13 Boys 80m

1. Kayla Russell, Lifford Strabane                                                           1. Patrick Mc Hugh, Olympian

2. Maeve Doherty, Letterkenny                                                              2. Temple Akbo, Letterkenny

3. Lexie Mc Namee, Lifford Strabane                                                     3. Charlie Heraghty, Letterkenny

U/13 Girls 600m                                                                                       U/13 Boys 600m

1. Faela Houston, Rosses                                                                         1. Daragh Naughton, Letterkenny 

2. Cliodhna Mc Bride, Cranford                                                              2. Odhran Rogers, Rosses

3. Aoife Mc Gonagle, Rosses                                                                   3. Oisin Mullen, Finn Valley

U/13 Girls Long Jump                                                                              U/13 Boys Long Jump

1. Kayla Russell, Lifford Strabane                                                            1. Oisin Gillespie, Rosses

2. Eva Logue, Rosses                                                                                  2. Mark Wilkinson, Finn valley

3. Faela Houston, Rosses                                                                          3. Olan Doogan Bellec, Inishowen

U/13 Girls High Jump                                                                               U/13 Boys High Jump

1. Eva Logue, Rosses                                                                                  1. Oisin Gillespie, Rosses

2. Emily Rose Kelly, Lifford Strabane                                                       2. Mark Wilkinson, Finn Valley

3. Kayla Russell, Lifford Strabane                                                             3. Shay Mc Nuty, Finn Valley

U/13 Girls Javelin                                                                                      U/13 Boys Javelin

1. Aoife Mc Geehan, Olympian                                                                1. Oisin Mullen Finn Valley

2. Faela Houston, Rosses                                                                           2. Lucas Elliott, Finn valley

3. Eva Logue, Rosses                                                                                   3. Daire Herron, Finn Valley

U/13 Girls Shot                                                                                            U/13 Boys Shot

1. Erin Mc Morrow, Finn Valley                                                                 1. Lucas Elliott, Finn Valley

2. Aoife Mc Geehan, Olympian                                                                  2. Temple Akbo, Letterkenny

3. Eva Logue, Rosses                                                                                    3. Noah Doherty, Rosses

U/13 Girls Relay                                                                                           U/13 Boys Relay

1. Lifford Strabane                                                                                        1. Rosses

2. Finn Valley                                                                                                 2. Olympian

3. Killybegs                                                                                                     3. Finn Valley


Medal winners in the U/13 Girls 4 x 100m Relay in Lifford on Sunday

So we will bring you a report next week on how our Donegal athletes fare in Belfast at the Ulster Championships and have a look forward to the Ulster Children’s Games and U/12 and U/13 Championships in Derry.


Another fixture of note is the County Road Relays which take place in Killybegs on August 1st. There will be races for U/13, U/15, U/17, Senior and Master teams and the Killybegs club will host races for U/9, U/10 and U/11 athletes. The start time for the event is 9am.




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