Finn Valley Launch Stephens Day 5k

Now all of 40 years and its out there once again on Stephens Day appealing to walkers,joggers and runners to join in to participate for the craic, join with their friends /family to indeed involve themselves for the charity of their choice or alternatively simply turn up and have a go . The event has raised thousands of euro for particular charities over the years but now invites those involved to raise funds for their own particular cause if they so chose . 

The event has overcome difficult conditions weatherwise in 2010 and 2009 but in the best sense the show had to go on and go on it did adapting to the situation however difficult . Fingers crossed and in consultation with Mickey the Post our local weather man we are more upbeat for the 2011 version 

Its a 2pm start enter on the day right up to race time or better still email the organising commmittee with an intention to participate on . It's a family day a day to meet up with friends home for the festive season and from the youngest to the oldest there is a welcome indeed the oldest walker in recent years was 84 so no excuses .A community day in every sense . See u there and while current world athletic champions Vivian Cheruiyot ( Kenya ) and Mo Farah ( England ) hold the respective records its clearly a community event open to all young and not so young. 



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