Looking Back and Moving on at Finn Valley AC

It has been a hectic year celebration of 40 years of activity the building of what has become a new phenomenon in the East Donegal area the sport of athletics and the impact that has had on thousands in the intervening period since its innocent beginnings in the early seventies stories tend to be recalled when anniversities are in the air . And so athletics firmly established a state of the art sports centre which does not just cater for the needs of athletes exclusively but for the preferred activity of the community whatever that may be right now its soccer ,boxing,gymnastics ,Irish dancing ,general keep fit ,rugby etc etc . 

In recent days that story took another step with the affirmation of the new Finn Valley swim pool and associated facilities to begin construction mid January with an 18month construction timeline . So that meeting in Jacksons Hotel in 1971 when this new sports outlet was first mooted has become such a successful story with key genuine people on board along the way some of whom have now passed away . They surely would be proud .

Challenges ahead in 2012, once we get Mondays 5k  over and out with the community young and old getting out and about meeting friends home for the festive season , are of course keeping the current programmes strong and focused while adding additional recreational opportunities  ,continuing to enable and grow the schools programme county wide ,develope the grounds further with an additional playing pitch ,the list is endless . 

So heres to 2011 and gratitude to all who have played if even a small part and looking forward to 2012 with energy and enthusiasm at a time of doom and gloom . 

The committee and club leaders  extend a peaceful and healthy Christmas to all and best wishes for 2012 .


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