North West Indoor Games


The North West indoor Games which were started by Bernie O’ Callaghan just four years ago, continue to go from strength to strength with the entry list for this year increased from 425 in 2017 to 735. The entries came from 76 clubs in 29 different counties and there was even an entry from Stockport Athletic Club in England.

Donegal Athletes were well to the fore with golds for Riona Doherty, Aoife Mc Gee, Chris Kearns, Tori Glackin, Brigid Mc Dyer, Patrick Galvin, Finn Valley, Sheila Gallagher, Amber Gallagher, Fodhla Nic Faidin, Aidan Mc Cole, Nicole O’ Donnell, Rosses, Ethan Dewhirst, Niamh Moohan, Shane Breslin, Ben Campbell, Declan Sharkey, Tír Chonaill, Teresa Mullen, Aoife Giles, Oisin Kelly, Cranford, Alan mc Ginley, Lifford/Strabane, Kathryn Mc Devitt, Letterkenny, Gerard Mc Gettigan, Milford, Brian Boyce and Ríocht, Sean Mc Mullan, Mullingar Harriers.

There were silver medals for Riona Doherty, Sarah Gallagher, Aaron Doherty, Oisin Gallen, Patrick Galvin, Finn Valley, Joseph Gillespie, Ethan Dewhirst, Sawyer Campbell, Conor Mc Cahill, Kacper Adamski, Rachel Gallagher, Ben Campbell, Johnny Mc Gonagle, Lea Mc Gonagle, Tír Chonaill, Ella Costello, Lifford/Strabane, Sean Mc Ginley, Olympian, Ciaran Moore, Letterkenny, Liam Gallagher, Rosses, Gerard Mc Gettigan, Milford.

The following Donegal Athletes won bronze medals Maria Kelly, Amy Timoney, Declan Slevin, Lee Walsh, Cathy Bannigan, Finn Valley, Miah Fletcher, Oisin Kelly, Cranford, Conor Mc Cahill, Kacper Adamski, Lucy Mc Glynn, Eoin Sharkey, Tír Chonaill, Ella Costello, Lifford/Strabane, Ryan Canning, Kathryn Mc Devitt, Letterkenny.

The North West Games is now established as the last track and field fixture of the season and takes place in the week after Christmas each year. Many of the athletes achieved personal bests and there were also a number of Irish Masters records. The 2019 Games are fixed for Monday December 30th.     


                                                            U/12 Girls

60m Hurdles                                                                                     60m

1. Ciara Forbes, Longford 10.42                                                    1. Riona Doherty, Finn Valley 8.59

2. Katie Doyle, Bree 10.66                                                              2. Katie Doyle, Bree 8.89                                                                         

3. Maria Kelly, Finn Valley 10.75                                                   3. Naomi Itpotokin, St Michaels 8.90

600m                                                                                                 Long Jump

1. Cait O’ Reilly, Annalee  1.50.43                                                1. Ella Farrelly, Craughwell 4.34m

2. Laura Miney, Annalee 1.50.51                                                 2. Riona Doherty, Finn Valley 4.16m

3. Miah Fletcher, Cranford 1.55.07                                             3. Amy Timoney, Finn Valley 3.99m

High Jump                                                                                         Shot

1. Clodagh Donoghue, Newport 1.36m                                       1. Sheila Gallagher, Rosses 6.95m

2. Danielle Moynihan, Tuam 1.33m                                             2. Saoirse Hunter, Tuam 6.76m       

3. Amy Timoney, Finn Valley 1.33m                                             3. Aoibhinn Reddington, Tuam 6.29m

1,000m Walk

1. Siofra Brady, North Leitrim 6.29.23

2. Aisling Geaney, South Galway 6.30.56

3. Karen Mulvanney Kelly, North Leitrim 6.36.27

                                                       U/12 Boys

60m Hurdles                                                                                     60m

1. Gavin Witter, Ratoath 10.83                                                     1. Ethan Dewhirst, Tír Chonaill 8.75  

2. Ethan Dewhirst, Tír Chonaill 10.92                                           2. Sawyer Campbell, Tír Chonaill 8.77

3. Dara Kelly, Craughwell 10.99                                                    3. Mark Hazlett, North Leitrim 9.04


600m                                                                                                 Long Jump

1. Declan Kennedy, Carrick on Shannon 1.50.10                     1. Ethan Dewhirst, Tír Chonaill 4.23m

2. Patrick Kennedy Carrick on Shannon, 1.50.48                    2. Sawyer Campbell, Tír Chonaill 4.11m

3. Conor Mc Cahill, Tír Chonaill 1.56.27                                    3. Ben Moran, Galway City Harriers 3.77m

High Jump                                                                                       Shot

1. Dara Kelly, Craughwell 1.45m                                              1. Patrick Laverty, Carrick Aces 9.47m

2. Mark Wallace, St Colmans 1.22m                                        2. Conor Mc Cahill, Tír Chonaill 9.05m

3. Jack Noone, St Colmans 1.22m                                            3. Cian Rafferty, Tuam 8.03

1,000m Walk

1. Luke Fitzmaurice, North Leitrim 6.24.11

2. Alan O’ Brien, North Leitrim 7.27.06

                                                                        U/14 Girls

60m Hurdles                                                                                60m

1. Ruby Reynolds, Menapians 9.75                                          1. Aoife Mc Gee, Finn Valley 8.04

2. Ella Costello, Lifford/Strabane 9.96                                     2. Amy Boland, Tireragh 8.41

3. Abbie Doyle, Bree 10.01                                                        3. Ellie Brady, Annalee 8.50

800m                                                                                              Long Jump

1. Laura Kelly, Ratoath 2.25.25                                                 1. Teresa Mullen, Cranford 4.39m

2. Renee Crotty, Annalee 2.26.23                                             2. Nina Wallace, St Colmans 4.37m

3. Amy Joe Kierans, Oriel 2.27.34                                             3. Ella Costello, Lifford Strabane 4.35m


High Jump                                                                                      Shot

1. Siofra Davis, Craughwell 1.43m                                             1. Amber Gallagher, Rosses 11.74m

2. Joint Sarah Gallagher, Finn Valley 1.43m                             2. Nina Wallace, St Colmans 11.45m

2. Joint Jade Moorhead, Craughwell 1.43m                             3. Laura Kelly, Ratoath 9.10m

3. Renee Crotty, Annalee 1.35m

1,000m Walk

1. Beth Johnston, Moy Valley 5.36.13

2.  Grainne Mc Mahon, Shannon 5.40.49

3. Alana Grogan, Craughwell 6.11.21

                                                                               U/14 Boys

60m Hurdles                                                                                   60m

1. Evan Farrelly, Tullamore Harriers 8.97                                  1. Evan Farrelly, Tullamore Harriers 7.67

2. David Mannion, South Galway 9.63                                       2. John Ikpotokin, St Michaels 7.97

3. Kacper, Adamski, Tír Chonaill 10.02                                       3. Blaine Lynch, Finn Valley 8.32

800m                                                                                                Long Jump

1. David Mannion, South Galway 2.16.21                               1. Evan Farrelly, Tullamore Harriers .17m

2. Stephen Mannion, South Galway 2.17.85                          2. Evan Hallinan, Craughwell 4.69m

3. Eoin Kane, Ratoath 2.19.05                                                   3. Stephen Mannion, South Galway 4.69m

High Jump                                                                  



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