RunDonegal Womens 5k


The proceeds will again go to Ovarian Cancer Research  per Breakthrough Cancer Research and sponsorship once again for the sought after t shirts has been generously supplied by the Tim  Kelly Group ,London with race partners Donegal Sports Partnership supporting with attractive  pink neck scarves for all .  An announcement will be made on the Rundonegal Womens 5k facebook site  re pre entry in coming weeks . The first group of runners to add their support were the Finn Valley  ac women pictured here with event organisers . Important to point out we have co funded a 3year Phd scholarship in in Ovarian Cancer Research and that Ovarian Cancer rates in Ireland are 24%higher than the European average with 272 deaths each year yet survival rates have increased . Quoting Race Director Grace Boyle its an opportunity for  the women of Donegal  to come join together and #Fightforthegirls .


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