Shane Laid to Rest

St Mary’s Church in his home village of Convoy was packed to over-flowing as people of all ages, denominations and backgrounds came to pay their final respects to an affable young man who was as popular as he was talented.

Addressing the huge gathering of mourners, chief celebrant, Fr Philip Kemmy, said everyone had gathered under a cloud of great sadness. “We have come to say a final farewell to a young man who, by all accounts, brought so much life, love and laughter to the lives of so many,” he said.

“Shane’s life seems to have been far too brief. There was so much more than someone of his age could expect out of life. He was an enthusiastic athlete - outgoing and friendly. He was a fine and decent young man. With a good sense of humour he could wind people up and take them off. At 20, he was quite the accomplished athlete, having run for the Irish schools’ athletics team and was the first from his club with a national championship medal. At 20, he could look forward to many more years of training, running and living life to the full before the onset of old age slowed him down. The future held great promise and no doubt he had dreams for the future,” Fr Kemmy added.

"Those dreams", he continued, "were swept away in the early hours of Thursday morning as the nightmare for any family began to unfold."

"Faith", Fr Kemmy maintained, "will help get those close to Shane through the dark days ahead.

“How we might ask? The answer isn’t any clearer now, but somehow. Then there’s the great question - why? Why him? Why us? Why in those circumstances? Why that particular chain of events? Why in that place and at that time? There are so many whys which perhaps will never be answered this side of the grave.”

Prayers were offered for the driver of the lorry involved in the accident which occurred at Lurgybrack.
Guards of honour were formed by pupils and students from the local schools, Convoy Arsenal FC, St Mary’s GAA Club, Finn Valley AC for whom he gave so many outstanding performances in the blue and white singlet, and other sporting clubs and organisations as Shane’s remains were taken from the church for burial in the cemetery located on the other side of the village.

Shane is survived by his parents, PJ and Kay, brothers Dean and Niall, sister Nicola, girlfriend Rachael, and a wide circle of family and friends. Sympathy is extended to all on their sad loss.


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