Success for Valley Throwers

The recently introduced Spring throws which gives the discus ,javelin and hammer enthusiasts an opportunity to gauge their form coming outa a hard winters training period was again held Sunday at Athlone I T . Two indications and national medal wins for 2 young throwers from Finn Valley both of them over 50m in their respective events with Dylan Kearns silver in javelin and silver also for Conor Breslin in the hammer .

Elsewhere in U S  Dempsey Mc Guigan getting close to 70m in hammer 69.47m so that magic 70 mark is def there in months ahead .

This weekend its about throwers once again as John Kelly and Gavin Mc Laughlin attempt to go 1 2shot  in Irish Universities at CIT on behalf of LYIT 

Success for Throwers Click picture for more...


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