Timetable Primary Schools Athletics

Hi everyone just following up with a timetable for the event on Sept 26th . A very encouraging response to date  . We are set for a 11 .15 start but if you under pressure due to travel we can hold start until 11.30 but you should alert me by calling . All will be complete by 1245 .  

In the meantime all the best and sure if any query give me a shout by email.

Timetable                                                  11.15 start

Race 1                      U9 Girls Large School (250+)

Race 2                      U9 Girls Small (0 – 100)  Medium (100 – 250)

Race 3                      U9 Boys Large Schools

Race 4                      U9 Boys Medium/Small



Race 5                      U11 Girls Large

Race 6                      U 11 Girls Medium/Small

Race 7                      U11 Boys large

Race 8                      U11 Boys Medium/Small


Race 9                      U13 Girls Large

Race 10                   U13 Girls Medium/Small

Race 11                   U13 Boys Large

Race 12                   U13 Boys Medium/Small


Queries: Contact me on 087/2226112


Looking forward to an enjoyable days fun on the 26th


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