Valley Score in Magherafelt

Finn Valley ac  were busy day on day over the weekend with their young brigade in Magherafelt  for Ulster indoor champs again many qualifying for the nationals with high hopes of national medals to build on these days . It proved a challenge for officials with such a wide ranging programme but was handled most capably . It may be ytime to consider another venue for this annual meeting as cold conditions in the Magherafelt venue are problematic unfortunately there is no dedicated suitable venue for indoor athletics in Ulster and taking a leaf out of the recent North West Games held Athlone possibly that venue could be considered . Anyhow a good weekend for Donegal athletes in general with Valley ,Tirconnail and Lifford /Strabane most prominent . An added welcome addition this year was the introduction of javelin discus etc. 


Magherfelt February 2017

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Throwing Results


U/14 Girls

1. Adrienne Gallen, Lifford/Strabane AC 37.03m 

2. Aine Mc Bride Lifford/Strabane AC 31.43m

U/15 Girls 

1. Angel Devose, Lifford/ Strabane AC 27.04m 

U/15 Boys 

1. Jude Mc Crossan, Lifford/Strabane AC 38.00m

2. Ross Henderson, Lifford/Strabane AC 36.06m

U/16 Girls

1. Olivia Cuskelly, Lifford/Strabane AC 36.38m


1. Ryan Henderson, Lifford Strabane AC 28.97m

U/19 Boys

1. Brendan O’ Donnell Lifford/Strabane AC 62.21m

Senior Women 

1. Lyndsey Glover Lagan Valley AC 38.98m



U/13 Girls

1. Ellie Mc Curdy, Lifford/Strabane AC

2. Abagail Temple Asoku Finn Valley AC 19.15m

3. Niamh White Lifford/Strabane AC 17.92m

4. Sarah Gallagher, Finn Valley Lifford AC 12.91m

U/13 Boys 

1. Diarmuid O’ Donnell, Lifford/Strabane AC 21.21m

U/14 Girls 

1. Bevan Mc Ardle, Lifford/Strabane AC 21.51m

2. Cuishle Mc Grath, Finn Valley AC 14.98m 

U/14 Boys 

1. Michael Mc Gonagle, Finn Valley AC 26.97m

2. Ryan Galvin, Finn Valley AC 26.32m

U/15 Girls 

1. Caitlin Geary, Finn Valley AC19.65m

U/15 Boys 

1. Ryan O’ Kane, Finn Valley AC 26.22m

2. Declan Slevin, Finn Valley AC 25.69m

U/16 Girls

1. Jamie Lecky, Finn Valley AC 31.57m

2. Wilson Craig Lifford/Strabane AC 23.91m


U/19 Boys 

1. Dylan Kearns, Finn Valley AC 47.48m



U/ 13 Girls 

1. Sarah Gallagher, Finn Valley AC 14.50m

2. Agbagail Temple Asoku, Finn Valley AC 11.08m

U/15 Girls

1. Casey Mulvey, Innyvale AC 29.42m

U/15 Boys 

1. Ross Henderson, Lifford/Strabane AC 28.13m

2. Ryan O’ Kane, Finn Valley AC 24.08m

U/18 Girls

1. Sarah Mc Glynn, Lagan Valley AC

Senior Women

1. Mallory N’diave Leman AC 31.14m

2. Lyndsey Glover, Lagan Valley AC



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